Unity candle ceremony

The unity candle ceremony i an union ritual. It symbolizes the light that illuminates our lives and the fact that bride & groom unite their individual lights to make one.


Accessories :

  • two candles (add one candle per child in case of ritual for a blended family *)
  • a big marriage candle
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Symbols :

The two burning candles symbolize your separate lives and families.

The unity candle’s flame represents your two lives now joined and your new “home” literally.


Ritual program :


The candles are lit by the bride and groom’s mothers to symbolize the life they have given them and the family transmission.

The bride and groom take a candle each and they light the unity candle together.


Once the big candle is lit, the candles can be extinguished or remain lit, as a symbol of the lasting individuality of the couple. At that moment, I can sing a song chosen in my repertoire.


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Wedding trick:

Your wedding day is special day for you both : make it more special with a personalized marriage unity candle.

Your sweet marriage candle will be lit on each wedding anniversary.


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* Option 1 Unity candle for a blended family:

Children can be involved by adding a candle for each child to light with their grandmothers.

The unity candle will be lit by the couple and their children with the flames of their candles together


This strong gesture symbolizes the creation of a new family.



Option 2  collective unity candle :

The purpose is to share the bride and groom’s flame with all the guests, a symbol of the unity of friends and family that supports the couple.

A candle will be placed on the seat of each guest

From the back, guests give the flame from candle to candle until all the candles are lit.

At last, the couple takes the flame and together enlight the marriage candle.

The visual image is strong once all the flames are shining


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