Rituals and ceremonies : together we will create a wedding secular ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple and individuals. By including rituals within your ceremony you can make it more meaningful.

«  The wedding ceremony is an ideal moment to create your own ritual from a multitude of elements that suit you. […] Some of these symbols have a religious meaning, others are purely secular. Many come from local customs and have been transformed with time … »

Florence Servan Schreiber get married differently


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Historically, at all times and in all places, marriage has always been celebrated through rituals that add symbolic and spiritual value to the union and commitment of two people.

My rituals for your meaningful wedding ceremony

My inspiration

Since my childhood, I have felt a strong connection to the power of symbols. I find inspiration from rites of passage, ethnic traditions or customs to create original tailor-made and personalized rituals that are emotionally rich.


During the ceremony, you can include:

  • a ritual union symbolizing your commitment & your couple, just for the two
  • or a ritual union to share with your witnesses, friends or children,
  • a collective ritual to share with all your guests who will be touched to be involved into your ceremony


My singing and music have a tremendous role during my rituals.


We can also create your own ritual in the image of your couple, inspired by your passions, your cultures, family traditions or symbols that are important for you. The possibilities are endless !

Here are some ideas to make your ceremony more memorable, to honour your families, and to include your loved ones.