Vow renewal ceremony in France Provence :
the promise of an unforgettable wedding anniversary

Your soulful vow renewal ceremony in music
by Ariane Douguet English speaking officiant singer - ceremony planner


who value emotion, magic and French style

Would you like to thank your spouse and celebrate your love story in a romantic way? Choosing to organize your vow renewal ceremony  in France Provence will be a sweet memory you’ll cherish forever. You have the choice of doing this celebration intimately with your family and children during your elopement in Provence or in a larger group during a big event.


Let’s make your wedding anniversary a lifetime memory !

Why renew your vows with a symbolic vow renewal ceremony in France Provence?

aria cérémonie laïque de renouvellement de vœux dans les lavandes


Is it your first Wedding anniversary? Or your 5th or 10th or more? Each year has its meaning !

A vow renewal ceremony is a symbolic way to

  • commemorate a milestone anniversary
  • reaffirm your love and commitment, expressing the strength of your relationship publicly
  • celebrate your family with your children,
  • celebrate a victory over time by proclaiming your love,
  • express your desire to pursue the adventure of Life together,
  • to commit yourself again and say “I do” again
  • renew your mutual vows
  • strengthen your union
  • relive the intensity of the Big Day without constraint
  • live the wedding you dreamed of but which did not take place as you wished

Why renew your vows in Provence?

By choosing to renew your vows in Provence, you have the amazing opportuniy to visit south East France with  your loved ones, combining a wonderful holiday and magical celebration with a French lifestyle.

What's a symbolic vow renewal ceremony?

aria vow renewal ceremony in France Provence lavender fields


  • A renewal of vows ceremony is a personalized tailored-made ceremony that takes place when you are already legally married
  • There are no legal requirements placed on your couple for your ceremony
  • You can have a wonderful intimate ceremony just for the two of you or a super party with all your family and friends
  • It can as simple or sumptuous as you wish! Everything is fully customizable, starting from the order of service, the choice of words, music, rituals, speeches… It gives you the unique opportunity and flexibilité to express your personality, tastes and values.
  • Finally, the experience of your marriage will infuse the spirit of your vow renewal ceremony.

Where to celebrate ?

  • a lavender field,
  • a beach,
  • a bastide or Provence chateau
  • any venue

Then you are so ready for romance? So come to Provence and let’s celebrate your enduring love for each other. My name is Ariane and I’m your English-speaking French officiant singerI offer you the best unique soulful experience for the vow renewal ceremony of your dreams.

Children who attend my ceremonies call me “the fairy”:

I can take you further than you can imagine…


talking about my vow renewal ceremony service

Why Choose Me for your vow renewal ceremony?

Over 10 years ceremony planner expertise at your service

I offer you all my experience, my voice, my talents, my sensitivity, ethics, energy and French style to sublime your wedding anniversary:


  1. English speaking celebrant certified by the International Wedding Institute
  2. Professional crossover singer with classical and contemporary repertoire (Ave Maria, gospel, opera, pop songs…).

Narrate your Love story

Sing your Love

Renew your commitment

aria French wedding celebrant in France Provence officiant singer Ariane Douguet


I’m a French ceremony planner devoted to understanding you

Being your officiant singer is my purpose. I can create with you and for you a ceremony that is entirely about you and your recommitment to one another, acknowledging the hurdles, celebrating the triumphs! I will ensure that your script is as beautiful and unique as you are.

Let’s create your meaningful vow renewal ceremony just like you

I accompany you in the celebration of your vow renewal ceremony personalized to your image with rituals and the participation of your loved ones. I’ll tell the story of what you have achieved and experienced together through the years. This could be a time to celebrate your family and children. Then you will exchange new promises and symbolically recommit yourself to continuing your journey together.

The role of music during your vow renewal ceremony

I advocate a very qualitative heartfelt artistic approach to your celebration with French style. My songs will be the thread, that will enhance your ceremony with that special French touch. I offer you a rare and exclusive distinctive premium service, designed to ‘enchant’ your union. I’m even going to get the audience to sing with me and create a communion ! Music is a magical link for emotions and transcendence. It unites generations and cultures.

If you wish to renew your vows with an intimate event in Provence, let’s elope !



Your elopement in Provence

vow renewal ceremony in France Provence elopement with english speaking celebrant singer Ariane Douguet



Creating eternal memories for You, with You



Your symbolic vow renewal ceremony
in English or bilingual (French English)

Everything is done to simplify your life in three stages

1. Discovery call


2. Collaboration


3. Ceremony The big Day




1. Getting to know each other

First, you choose the place that best corresponds to you.


Free first discovery meeting (appointment, skype, whatsapp or phonecall) to ensure that we share a good feeling and match our ceremony vision.


We will break the ice. I will listen to you to understand your wishes and will answer your questions to decide if I am the right person to accompany you to create your vow renewal ceremony.


After our meeting, I will send you a quote which will lead to the signature of a contract if you choose me as your officiant singer.

2. Collaboration (unlimited contact) 

elopement in Provence vow renewal ceremony in lavender field with wedding celebrant in France the Provence officiant


Creation of your symbolic vow renewal ceremony

in English – French – bilingual

  • unlimited exchanges with your couple (appointment, zoom, telephone, mail, questionnaires)
  • contact with your loved ones participating in the ceremony : assistance in writing their speeches, preparation of a “surprise”with your children
  • creation of symbolic rituals to symbolize your re-commitment + provision of accessories (lantern, wood olive chalice …)
  • advice on the choice of meaningful poems & readings about love, marriage and Provence with a little French touch!
  • writing your genuine love story  and the whole text of your symbolic vow renewal ceremony
  • assistance in writing your renewal of vows & consents / re-exchange of rings
  • creation of the musical program with my songs chosen from my repertoireAccompaniment options: a capella, orchestral soundtrack or other instruments of your choice (string quartet, piano, harp, jazz band, guitar…)
  • writing your unique script with the integrated music program for your  final approval
  • assistance with the staging of the ceremony according to venue
  • guidance in the writing of your vow renewal ceremony booklet

3. Your vow renewal ceremony the big Day

I will take charge of the coordination with the various participants in your vow renewal ceremony in France Provence. I’ll allow you to fully experience your event and make the best of the presence of your nearest and dearest loved ones. I will then stand by your side to sing and celebrate your love, creating the special bond between you, your family and your guests. Of course, I always adapt my look (colour and style) in harmony with the theme, venue and decoration of your wedding.

aria avis cérémonie laïque de renouvellement de voeux 20 ans de mariage


Your French officiant singer the big Day


  • coordination with the venue and the different service providers (wedding planner, wedding designer, DJ, videographer, photographer, florist…..) that I contact in the weeks preceding your special day
  • arrival on site 3 hours in advance to check the correct installation of the ceremony area according to our forecasts. + possibility of meeting on site the day before (depending on location)
  • provision of my white lectern & sound equipment – I have a PA system in Provence for elopement ceremonies. In the other instances, I invite you to use your DJ for a quality sound system for the ceremony
  • rehearsal with the musicians / sound test with the DJ
  • outfit coordinated with the colours and theme of your event: I will submit proposals to you for an appropriate long dress with my “French touch” of elegance to complement your setting
  • welcome your guests
  • coordination  of rituals & the contribution  of your loved ones or children during the ceremony
  • celebration and songs of your vow renewal ceremony
  • signature of your customized vow renewal certificate

Please contact me without hesitation
if you want to organize your dream vow renewal ceremony in France Provence

I will be happy to answer all your questions and I will have many questions for you too, as your answers will be useful for me to create your vow renewal ceremony in France Provence.

ariane douguet officiant cérémonie laïque chanteusehanteuse coach mentor organisatrice de cérémonie laïque en musique

The sky is the limit – tell me about yourselves, tell me your vision!

I can make your dream come true.

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