French secular ceremony

French secular ceremony : beyond the mere principle of secularism and the separation of Church and State,

secularity is closer to a humanist life philosophy and freedom of thought.

cérémonie laïque officiant engagement symbolique vaucluse mariage aria

Let's celebrate your love, let's celebrate life!

If you do not wish, or are unable to have a religious ceremony (unbeliever, divorced, a couple where both have different religions, remarriage, gay or lesbian union, LGBT…), a French secular ceremony is a great choice to celebrate your love and commitment.

I will accompany you in the creation of your meaningful personalized symbolic secular ceremony with a scenario, rituals, readings, a musical programme sung live by your officiating singer, a staged event created in accordance with your values, beliefs and sensitivities.


Together, let’s create your made to measure wedding ceremony

I propose you to exchange your vows, your consent and rings during an intense & unique moment of sharing, all in music with your loved ones.

Therefore, I invite you to create a bespoke French secular ceremony embodying your:

  • couple, your love story and Life project,
  • your individual personalities,
  • sensitivity,
  • values,
  • cultural heritage,
  • beliefs, your philosophical & spiritual convictions

Furthermore, if you both have different belief or religion, I can assist you in the creation of a tailor-made spiritual ceremony. In this way, your cultural traditions or religious symbols can be incorporated according to your wishes.


In conclusion, your French secular ceremony will remain one of the most beautiful memories of your wedding, forever engraved in the memory of your family and guests!

Your secular ceremony in English, French or bilingual

French English speaking celebrant & classical crossover singer

As a bilingual professional officiant (French, English) certified by the International Wedding Institute, my role is to guide you hand in hand in your reflection & the preparation, creation & celebration of your bespoke symbolic engagement ceremony.


I am also a professional classical crossover singer with a glam chic repertoire ranging from classical music to contemporary modern songs (Ave Maria, opera, gospel, spirituals, jazz, film music, pop). Also, my songs will be the thread that will enhance your French secular ceremony. In fact, I’m even going to get the audience to sing with me and create a communion!


BEWARE I don’t officiate without singing


Emotions, joy, French elegance

First of all, your relationship and your story are unique ! For this reason, I take the time to listen to you & identify your wishes. That’s why, every ceremony I create is equally unique.

Together, we will completely customize the wedding ceremony your dreams. First, you’ll be the center of your love celebration. Your ceremony script will be personal, romantic & unique. It will reflect your love story & your individual personalities.

Therefore, everything should be defined together !


Bilingual wedding ceremony in English & French

If your couple is bilingual, a part of yourguests do not speak French or English. So, my full script will be in two languages : I will continuously switch between languages !

“What is a rite? asked the little prince.

It is something which is all too often neglected, said the fox.

It is what make one day different from other days, one hour from other hours.”

Antoine de Saint Exupery, The Little Prince

aria provence officiant ceremonie laique vaucluse

My services

+ creation of your secular ceremony

in English – French – bilingual

  • unlimited exchanges with the bride and groom (appointment, skype, telephone, mail, questionnaires)
  • contact with your best man, main maid of honour & relatives (family, friends, children) participating in the ceremony : assistance in writing their testimonies
  • creation of rituals to symbolize your commitment + provision of accessories (lantern, wood olive chalice …)
  • advice on the choice of poems & readings
  • writing the biography  and the whole text of your french secular ceremony
  • assistance in writing your vows, exchanging consents / rings
  • creation of the musical programme with my songs chosen from my repertoire – Accompaniment options: a capella, orchestral soundtrack or other instruments of your choice (string quartet, piano, harp, jazz band, guitar…)
  • writing the scenario for your ceremony with the integrated music programme for your  final approval
  • assistance with the staging of the ceremony according to venue
  • guidance in the writing of the ceremony booklet
cérémonie laïque aria mariage lubéron vaucluse officiant

+ officiant  / singer

the big Day

  • coordination with the venue & the different service providers (wedding planner, wedding designer, DJ, videographer, photographer, florist…..) that I contact in the weeks preceding your special day
  • arrival on site 3 hours in advance to check the correct installation of the ceremony area according to our forecasts. + possibility of meeting on site the day before (depending on location)
  • provision of my white lectern & sound equipment – I have sound equipment in the Vaucluse for small ceremonies of less than 80 people. In the other instances, I invite you to use your DJ for a quality sound system for the ceremony
  • rehearsal with the musicians + sound test with the DJ
  • outfit coordinated with the colours and theme of your wedding: I will submit proposals to you for an appropriate long dress with my “French touch” of elegance to complement your setting
  • welcome your guests
  • coordination  of rituals & the contribution  of your loved ones or children during the ceremony
  • celebration and songs for your secular ceremony
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Geographical coverage

I’m based in Paris (75) and in south of France – Provence French Riviera


Classical crossover singer and wedding celebrant in France , I specialise in destination wedding celebrations. I travel anywhere you need me & will perform your meaningful French secular  ceremony for you in Paris, France, Europe, worldwide !


I have a special relationship with a number of musicians (string quartet, piano, organ, harp, cello, jazz band…) and other service providers (decorators, set designers, landscape artists, florists, makeup artists, hairdressers, video artists, photographers, DJs…). All are renowned for their talent and professionalism. Above all, I appreciate them for their sensitivity and their  team spirit, which are indispensable / essential to create a quality event in a serene and harmonious atmosphere.


I will be happy to answer all your questions and I will have many questions for you too as your answers will be useful for me to create your dream French secular ceremony.