Elopement in Provence

Imagine… Fields of lavender and olive trees, wind blowing and sun shining, cicadas singing… this will be the magical setting of your elopement in Provence!

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@Celine Chhuon – wedding planner B Mademoiselle C

First of all, I live in Provence. My husband was born in Provence and I am madly in love with this authentic land.

lavenders elopement in Provence Luberon South East France celebrant ceremony

@Celine Chhuon – wedding planner B Mademoiselle C

Let me guide you and accompany you in the celebration of your love in the land of Cezanne!

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@Celine Chhuon – wedding planner B Mademoiselle C

Together, we will experience a unique, magical day full of beauty.

What's an "elopement" ?

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An elopement is a magical and romantic wedding, where the lovers run away to get married or renew their vows in an intimate setting, far away from home.

The word « elope » dates back to the late 16th century, when young lovers would run away secretly with the intention of getting married, usually without parental consent.

Nowadays, your elopement in Provence could be your actual wedding, a wedding anniversary celebration or even a vow renewal.

It’s usually a very small gathering: the bride, the groom and a witness for each (optional). With such a small group, anything is possible !


I invite you to celebrate your love in the intimacy of Provence

Allowing you the most creative ideas, your elopement could be held :

    • in the middle of a lavender field surrounded by nature,
    • under an olive tree or a plane tree in a typical Provencal chateau,
    • in a pine forest,
    • on a beach on the French Riviera,
    • on an island, such as Porquerolles,
    • in a beautiful old chapel,
    • in a luxurious venue,
    • on a boat sailing the Mediterranean Sea,
    • or any other location you are dreaming of…

« The curve of your eyes goes around my heart. »

Paul Eluard

My role in your elopement in Provence

aria ceremony elopement in Provence south east France wedding celebrant ceremony

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I will guide you in the creation of your very own elopement in Provence. I will also help you in the staging of the celebration in order to create your dream ceremony rich in emotion.


Thus, I will be your singer celebrant  in Provence, south East of France. I will celebrate your promise to each other with a tailor made ceremony during which you will exchange vows and rings. I will highlight the ceremony with some songs from my repertoire: the perfect memory that will be in your hearts forever!



Together, let’s make your dream come true!


I create each ceremony’s elopement in Provence  with a unique scenario. I write a text that will embody your love story, sensitivity, values and beliefs.


In addition, I am privileged to know many talented artists (photographers, florists, event designers, makeup artistss, hair stylist, wedding planners, drivers, musicians,djs…) who I can put you in touch with. I appreciate every single one of them for their talent, professionalism, sensitivity and team spirit, which are must haves to a quality and successful event.

Your elopement in Provence

In the heart of Provence, filled with thousands of historical gems, and fine gastronomic culture & local products, you will enjoy the authentic things in life here and take some time to relax, revitalise yourself and live unforgettable moments during your elopement in Provence.

The Art of Living is an essential part of the cultural identity unique to Provence.

Elopement in Provence held at la villa San Sébastien Saint Michel l’Observatoire


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Officiant and singer Ariane Douguet

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Photographer Pierre Sautel