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Wedding ceremony in Marrakech

It only could be you! Pairing two cultures, dazzling several nationalities! absolutely magical!

Dear Ariane, how can we thank you? From our first exchange, it was obvious, an almost immediate understanding – was it a message of Life? It only could be you! Only a few months before our wedding, thanks to your attentive listening and your empathy, you quickly realized who we were and what we wanted! We were literally lost and you knew how to be our anchor until our big day.


In this tumult of logistics of our wedding planning, the step of individual preparation for the marriage ceremony allows time for introspection. Although we were not at all “good students”, you were able to guide us, to lead us with all the kindness that characterises you so well. You knew how to listen to us, advise us, welcome our personalities and translate each stage of our respective stories in order to create a ceremony in our image and to make our guests experience an absolutely magical moment.


Pairing two cultures, dazzling several nationalities and revealing oneself in a setting from The Tales of the Arabian Nights… What a challenge! And what a voice! Your accompaniment and your presence were an incredible chance… We are extremely grateful to you for having been present until big D+1. More than a year later, the ceremony remains the most beautiful memory of our wedding and you, dear Ariane, the most beautiful encounter.

Photographe @MehdiMounir