Spiritual wedding ceremony in France, château de la Cour Senlisse near Paris

A level of universal wisdom, a moment of enchantment adn humanist inspiration! Thank you for bringing so much love passion and truth to our union

Right now, I’m visualizing the whole ceremony in my head and I hope I’ll never forget it.


What Ariane did was simply incredible, and words can hardly describe the emotions I felt at that moment. She gathered our guests together on a level of universal wisdom. She combined my African heritage with French culture with rare elegance and in such a romantic way that she brought tears to many eyes. It was a moment of enchantment and humanist inspiration for all those present. Blending Kora, Djembe with the cello, her singing was cradled by these instruments reflecting our two cultures. It was simply overwhelming.


Thank you Ariane for bringing so much love, passion and truth to our union, and for making our ceremony perfect!

Photographer @onjoyland