vidéo messe mariage église Choisel

@Julie Hardiagon

Church wedding ceremony in France – Choisel, near Paris

The guardian angel of our religious ceremony! Moments forever marked in our memories, as if cradled by your aura, kindness and amazing voice

We can’t tell you how it all started, but simply that Ariane stood herself in the path of our wedding organisation in a hectic context of the very special year 2020. Ariane, luminous and inspiring, whose presence alone simply illuminated  these few months of preparation


 The guardian angel of our religious ceremony. A ceremony prepared to the smallest details, in which each text, each song was suggested and selected with care in accordance with our expectations and the tone that we wished to experience. The health crisis and all kinds of organisational difficulties did not discourage Ariane who, through her commitment, was able to guide us towards the right path. Spirituality and emotion are the two words that we will forever treasure from our big Day.


Ariane, even today tears come to our eyes when we listen to your magnificent voice in the video of our wedding. Moments forever marked in our memories and literally out of time, as if cradled by your aura and your kindness. We are infinitely grateful to you for having allowed us to commit to each other with your amazing voice. Thank you for your strength and presence on our special day.

Amazing grace sung by Ariane