Wedding ceremony in Corsica - domaine Finili

Ariane is extraordinary: one of the highlights of the big day. Such an emotion …. to the point of goose bumps!

Already 5 months have passed since our wedding and the emotion of Ariane’s performance is still intact.

 She was professional from start to finish, asking us many questions about our encounter,  our relationship, our travels, our lives… in order to write our genuine love story. Furthermore,, she supportively coached the speakers at the ceremony, helping them write their speeches and deal with the stress of public speaking…


Ariane is not only very professional, but also extremely kind. She knows how to communicate her good mood and good vibes. She helped, supported and advised us right up till the big Day… and what a big-Day!

Like a conductor, she conducted everything while we were still at the town hall. Then, when  our guests arrived, she took charge of everything during our photo shoot.


Finally, the ceremony began. She was exactly as expected, even more beautiful. Her voice, her charisma, her performance… all the guests agreed that Ariane was extraordinary, one of the highlights of our big day. to the point of goosebumps !

So, sincerely… go for it. Ariane is extraordinary, and we thank her again

Photographe @JulienSoria